Our Team

Need a professional lock service in Bay of Plenty?
Then look no further!

What allows us at Zanden Locksmiths & Security to provide such a professional lock service in Bay of Plenty is our dedicated and hard-working team. Our team are very passionate about working for Zanden Locksmiths & Security and have the expertise to ensure that your job gets done properly and quickly each time.

Clear communication

Here at Zanden Locksmiths & Security, we make it a high priority to ensure that communication is clear between us and our clients at all times. We want to ensure that you are getting the solution that you want and that all your considerations are taken into account.

Our expertise

Our team is made up lock experts. We can quickly analyse the situation and always know how to put together an effective solution quickly. Our team are all highly skilled in the operation of lock picking kits and will be able to unpick your lock with ease.

Our experience

Since our founding in 1982, our team have a great deal of experience in working with locks and security systems. This experience helps us solve even the most difficult problems, such as hard to pick locks and stubborn faulty security systems. We can also use our experience to help advise you on the best security system for your home or office, ensuring optimum safety and while not exceeding your budget. We offer a complete lock service for Bay of Plenty.